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Acrobatic Arts is a unique blend of dancing and gymnastic disciplines that is taking the dance world by storm. Loved by both teachers and students alike Acrobatic Arts is a multi-discipline blend and is also known as AcroDance. Stunning moves from gymnastics is blended with steps and routines from the dance world for a unique and modern approach to dance.

Background to Acrobatic Arts

Acrobatic Arts and modern AcroDance is based upon a style of dance that emerged in the 1900s in North America as part of vaudeville. This was a popular theatrical variety entertainment that started in the late 1880s and brought together groups of different performers into a single act. This included singers, dancers, comedians, magicians and acrobats. No one single person is credited with creating AcroDance as we know it today but one name always mentioned in early history was that of Sherman Coates who was with the Watermelon Trust in the early 1900s. another was Tommy Woods who used slow acrobatic dance moves with music in a very precise way. Vaudeville faded away over the intervening time but the ideas and principles used in AcroDance had been created leading to a style of dance with acrobatic movements formed in a dance context.

Acrobatic Arts Lessons in North Tyneside

Acrobatic Arts focuses on the five visions of AcroDance and has elements from many other dance traditions including ballet, modern dance and jazz. It also uses elements from fitness activities such as yoga and Pilates alongside physiotherapy principles to increase strength and balance. You can join an Acrobatic Arts lesson at Jade Harrison School of dance in North Tyneside.

But what is it about Acrobatic Arts that makes it so popular?

The Acrobatic Arts program is designed to teach people a complete understand of AcroDance and is based on the five divisions:

  • Flexibility
  • Strength
  • Balancing
  • Limbering
  • Tumbling

This means that elements of the training program including drills to build strength, flexibility and improve cardio as well as tutorials for key elements such as handstands, splits and bridges. It also involves partner work and learning the terminology of the art. The syllabus is currently based on 350 skills across 12 levels and is constantly updated to ensure it is comprehensive.

Acrobatic Arts is essential two skills in one program – the art of dance and the skill of the acrobat. It combines many classic dance elements with a physical conditioning that allows you to undertake the complex acrobatic moves that are part of the style. One of the reasons it is so popular is that it builds strength in the dancer. Coordination and confidence improve alongside that strength with both upper and body musculature improving due to the work.

Dancers Love Acrobatic Arts

Alongside becoming stronger, dancers also vastly improve their flexibility and balance. This helps with the dance but also in other areas of life, making you less prone to trips and falls that lead to injuries and can help younger dancers build whole body strength. AcroDance, like any type of dance, is a great form of self-expression, building that self-confidence and learning social skills. This makes it popular with all age groups and helps instill the principles of a balanced lifestyle in young dancers.

While Acrobatic Arts is a serious dance discipline, it is also great fun and the health benefits that dancers can get from it make it worth considering for a variety of age groups.